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Berth Application

  1. Only licensed steamship agents may apply for berthing space.

    All vessels, including yachts, require an agent.

  2. Form cannot be submitted until all spaces are filled. Items must be filled in order for form to submit.
    Where an item is not applicable to your vessel, type "NA".
  3. Any vessel with a beam exceeding 85 feet destined for berths 14 and/or 16 and does not require Port guaranteed tonnage minimums may experience the following:

    1. Adjustment of schedule by the Harbor Master as necessary

    2. Potential requirement to cease operations and anchor

    The outlined measures are in place due to the impact on operations in the adjacent berth caused by vessels wider than 85 feet. 

  4. Gangway Watch*

    Will you require security to watch the gangway while vessel is in Port?

  5. Cargo*
  6. Current Vessel MARSEC Level*
  7. When docked, will the vessel be putting any equipment outside of the vessel on the waterside, such as: Counterweight, pontoon, etc.? 

  8. If so, please indicate what equipment will be waterside and how long it is anticipated to be in place. 

  9. For cargo units exceeding 50 tons, did you receive Port plan approval?*
  10. Select One*
  11. For the Above Listed Vessel*
  12. Hot Work Permit Requested*
  13. Water Service Requested*
  14. Line Handlers Requested*
  15. Due to continued challenges with material clean up after bulk/breakbulk deliveries, responsible vessel agents must agree to these terms prior to approving a ship berth request.

    In conjunction with representing the vessel, the vessel agent is submitting this berth application with the clear understanding that complete and thorough cleanup of the dock area must be conducted prior to vessel departure. This cleanup shall include ensuring any materials and that have entered the dockside trench drains are completely removed.

     If the agent fails to ensure a proper cleanup of the area, the agency will be charged for the cleanup.  If the trench drains need to be cleaned, the agency will be charged for a pump truck to clean the drainage system.   The cost of this could be up to $10,000, depending upon how much material has entered the drains.

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