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April 22, 2022 12:17 PM

Details on M/S Monarch Countess public auction & Monarch Shipping & Teeters Agency cargo info

The Public Auction of the M/S Monarch Countess has been confirmed for Wednesday, August 10th, 2022 at 12:00 PM outside the main lobby of the Paul G. Rodgers Federal Courthouse located on 701 Clematis St. West Palm Beach, FL. 33401.

Below are links to the U.S. Marshals Service Sale Public Notice and the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form (“Waiver”), which will need to be filled out and returned to the Port of Palm Beach (“Port”) prior to scheduling your appointment.

The Waiver should be emailed to Ms. Karen Emery kemery@portofpalmbeach.com . You should also bring the original/copy of this executed Waiver with you to your appointment.

The Port will be scheduling the inspections/tours (approximately two hours each) of the M/S Monarch Countess for those who are interested on Monday, August 8th and Tuesday, August 9th between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm at the Port.
You should arrive at the Southgate entrance located at 301 Broadway, Riviera Beach, FL 33404 at the time of your scheduled appointment and from there, you will be escorted to the vessel.

For your further information there is no power, no air conditioning, nor ventilation on the M/S Monarch Countess. It is dark, so you will need to arrive prepared with your own flashlights, etc.

Please be in touch with Ms. Emery via email at your earliest convenience at the Port of Palm Beach to schedule your appointment. You will also need to provide her with your name, the names of those in your party, and a contact telephone number where she can reach you.

Be reminded Ms. Emery will need your signed Waiver filled out and returned to her in order to schedule your appointment!

Her telephone number, should you need to reach her is 561-383-4121. In addition, you have my information and can feel free to contact me if I can provide you with any assistance.

The following message is for Monarch Shipping and Teeters Agency customers who need to obtain cargo that was not shipped to Haiti and remains at the Port.

The Port of Palm Beach (the Port) is aware that you may be experiencing problems with obtaining your vehicles and other cargo items from Monarch Shipping/Teeters Agency (Teeters). We understand your concerns and are working towards resolving them.

Please note that Teeters is a tenant of the Port and the Port does not have direct ownership or control over any vehicles and other cargo items within the possession of Teeters at this point in time. However, the Port is taking action to allow individuals to regain access to their cargo and other items. The Port recently retained a contractor, who was formerly employed by Teeters, to work with those of you who have cargo and other items within the possession of Teeters.
We ask you to please be patient and allow at least 120 days to be contacted about your cargo. This recovery process will take time.

PLEASE NOTE: To gain possession of your cargo, you will need to gather and present the proper ownership documentation to locate your goods and have U.S. Customs and Border Protection process your cargo. You will also be required to make provisions to have your cargo removed from Port property at your own expense.

We ask you to please understand that your cargo could be staged deep with in other cargo. We locate and move cargo in the most efficient way possible. Given the significant amount of cargo within the possession of Teeters, this must be done in an orderly fashion. This is why we are asking all customers to please wait to be called and to avoid coming to the Port, unless contacted by the Port contractor todo so.

Once your cargo is cleared and ready to be released, you will receive a call from the Port contractor to schedule a pickup time. You must bring all documentation you received from Teeters/ Monarch Shipping when you dropped off the vehicle or other cargo. Customers should review and gather the documentation received from Teeters and/or Monarch Shipping for more information on what to do if your cargo was not shipped to Haiti.

This message is also available in English and Creole via phone at 561-383-4141.

Port of Palm Beach (Pò a) konnen ke ou ka gen pwoblèm ak jwenn machin ou yo ak lòt atik kago nan men Monarch Shipping/Teeters Agency (Teeters). Nou konprann enkyetid ou yo epi n ap travay pou rezoud yo.

Tanpri sonje ke Teeters se yon lokatè nan pò a epi pò a pa gen pwopriyetè dirèk oswa kontwòl sou nenpòt machin ak lòt atik kago ki nan posesyon Teeters nan moman sa a. Sepandan, Pò a ap pran aksyon pou pèmèt moun yo jwenn aksè a kago yo ak lòt atik yo. Pò a dènyèman te kenbe yon kontraktè, ki te ansyen anplwaye Teeters, pou travay ak moun nan nou ki gen kago ak lòt bagay nan posesyon Teeters.

Nou mande ou tanpri pran pasyans epi pèmèt omwen 120 jou yo kontakte sou kago w la. Pwosesis rekiperasyon sa a pral pran tan.

TANPRI REMAK: Pou w pran posesyon kago w la, w ap bezwen rasanble epi prezante bon dokiman pwopriyetè a pou lokalize machandiz ou yo epi fè Ladwàn Etazini ak Pwoteksyon Fwontyè trete kago w. W ap oblije fè dispozisyon tou pou yo retire kago w nan pwopriyete Pò a sou pwòp depans pa w.

Nou mande w tanpri konprann ke kago w la ta ka mete byen fon nan lòt kago. Nou lokalize epi deplase kago nan fason ki pi efikas posib. Etandone kantite siyifikatif nan kago ki nan posesyon Teeters yo, sa dwe fèt nan yon mòd lòd. Se poutèt sa n ap mande tout kliyan yo tanpri tann yo rele yo epi pou evite vini nan pò a, sof si kontraktè pò a kontakte pou fè sa.

Yon fwa ke kago w la klé epi pré yap baw li, w ap resevwa yon apèl nan men kontraktè Port la pou w planifye yon lè pou w vin chèche. Ou dwe pote tout dokiman ou te resevwa nan men Teeters/Monarch Shipping lè ou te depoze veyikil la oswa lòt kago. Kliyan yo ta dwe revize epi rasanble dokiman yo te resevwa nan men Teeters ak/oswa Monarch Shipping pou plis enfòmasyon sou saw dwe fé si kago w la pa t voye an Ayiti.

Mesaj sa a disponib tou an Angle ak Kreyòl nan telefòn nan 561-383-4141.

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