Commissioners Community Outreach Program

The Commissioners Community Outreach Program is an independent fund reported within the Business Development budget. This program assists Commissioners in disseminating Port information to and with the general local public and local organizations and groups in an effort to publicize the Port within our community and Port District. The funds are also intended to augment municipal, county, regional, and governmental agencies towards economic growth in the Port District.

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The Commissioners Community Outreach Program will include two primary categories: Donations and Involvement. Each Commissioner will have the ability to expend a total of $3,000 per fiscal year (October 1 – September 30) to be allocated between these two categories. Commissioner requests for donations, tickets, ads or sponsorships occurring between regular meetings will be processed and placed on the next Board Meeting agenda for consideration and approval or ratification. 

All requests for Donations and/or Involvement will require Board of Commissioner approval. A commissioner may request funds of a fellow commissioner in the event they have exhausted their allocated funds in any fiscal year. Should a new commissioner join the Board during the middle of a fiscal year, they shall be provided the entire $3,000 allocation for the remainder of that fiscal year. 


Provide donations to organizations or events classified as an IRS 501(c)(3) exempt organization or organizations which are educational in nature. Further, no funds shall be expended in support of an entity that endorses political candidates, or conducts lobbying activities, and in accordance with the Florida Constitution, Article 1, Section 1, no funds shall be expended in support of a church, sect, religious denomination or sectarian institution. Donations may be in the form of a financial donation, an advertisement or a sponsorship. There shall only be one donation allowed per organization per year and all donations shall be for organizations within or benefiting those within the Port District. Organizations receiving donations must submit a completed W-9 form and proof of IRS 501(c)(3) classification to the Port prior to submission to the Board of Commissioner. 


Participate, attend and/or support local organizations within the Port District. Port Commissioner Involvement may be in the form of purchasing up to 2 tickets per commissioner or having a Port advertisement or sponsorship for a local event. All Port ads will include all commissioners name in alphabetic order. If there is no commissioner interest once event information has been provided by Port staff, the event for tickets, donations, ads or sponsorships will not be placed on the agenda for consideration. 

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