Capital Improvement Projects


This $3.23 million capital project consists of demolishing the Maritime Office Building and transforming the three-acre port-owned property into a large refrigerated container yard.

Once the existing pavement is removed, the awarded contractor, West Construction Inc., will build a heavy duty cargo container rated pavement.

The project also calls for installing new exfiltration trenches and storm piping, new high mast lighting, security fencing, fire protection, underground conduit and infrastructure for future refrigerated container electrical plugs.

In order to convert the property into a container yard, the overhead electrical wiring needs to be relocated underground. A Florida Power and Light certified electrical contractor will install and modify underground utility vaults, electrical transformers and a switchgear. 

The new refrigerated container yard will allow our largest tenant to better serve our Caribbean market. 

Phase 1 is complete. Phase 2, which includes installation of reefer outlets, is in the works.

MOB Demolition Collage 2019

Project Progress

MOB Drone Aerial

Ariel view of the Marine Office Building and parking lot before construction started. 

MOB 1 Dec 4 2018

The demolition of the building started in December 2018. 

MOB Dec 17 2018

On December 17, 2018, the building was more than half way demolished. 

MOB 1 16 2019 2

This is what the property look like a month later on January 16, 2019. 

MOB Previous Location 3 11 19

This photo was taken in March 2019 during the installation process of the storm drainage system.


Construction of the storm drainage system and electrical underground infrastructure continued into the month of April. 

MOB May 5 2019 1

The new refrigerated container yard project progressed into its six month of construction in May. This is when crews began installing the base material for pavement surface. 

MOB 6 13 2019

This photo, taken June 2019, shows the preparation for the new pavement and the start of the installation of electrical equipment inside the power yard.  

July 2019

In early July, crews continued preparing for the installation of the asphalt pavement. 

upgrades to mega-yacht berth (COMPLETED JANUARY 2020)

Mega yacht in Berth 1

Berth one is located at the north end of the Port of Palm Beach Turning Basin and comprises a bulkhead in north-south direction along the Intercoastal Waterway.  The bulkhead was originally constructed in 1976 and consist of anchored steel sheet piling with a reinforced concrete pile cap and facing. Berth One is the only existing bulkhead structure within the Port that has not been replaced since its original construction.

Berth 1 before construction

The $4.5 million project consists of replacing approximately 425-feet of sea wall including new bulkhead steel sheet pile installation, tie-backs, concrete cap, marine bollards and fenders. The construction also includes the replacement of a prop-wash wall to match the existing structure.New steel sheet pile installed in front of existing sheet pile

"This multi-million dollar project took several years in planning and construction. Now that it is open, the Port looks forward to an exciting future with Berth One Palm Beach, the newly named entity leasing this area for accommodations, refitting and repairs to ultra-high value mega yachts that look for a first class experience for their visit to the Palm Beach Area," said Ronald Coddington, Port of Palm Beach Engineer.

Berth One 

A portion of the project included safely relocating corals living on the bulkhead.. Before construction began, the Port of Palm Beach hired a women-owned environment consulting firm, Coastal Eco-Group Inc., to remove stony corals greater than 10 centimeters (cm) in diameter.  The corals were relocated to the Town of Palm Beach mitigation reef site. To date, the Port has relocated more than 1,000 corals. 

Diver holding a stony coral

Berth 1 Coral Transplant