Shoaling or Entrance Restrictions

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 February 7, 2022

To:  Vessel Operators, Ships Agents, Port Users, & Port Officials

Subject:  Draft Restrictions for Lake Worth Inlet

Due to increased improvement on the centerline shoal from the Dredge Atchafalaya, draft restrictions have been raised 2 feet. With official soundings, we hope to have full project depth soon.  

Vessels are restricted to the maximum operating draft of 32’ feet at high water and 29’ feet at low water.  Vessels arriving within 3 feet of the maximum allowable draft for the Port of Palm Beach will be restricted to transiting at High Water Slack.  All drafts are for salt water.

Vessels carrying petroleum products are reduced to 31’ feet at high water slack and 28’ feet at low water slack.   

Be advised that any projects to widen or deepen the Inner and Entrance Channel would reduce the severity and frequency of these restrictions and increase the safety factor for the port.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.


 Palm Beach Harbor Pilots' Association