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Bid Number: 2016-04
Bid Title: Professional Surveying and Mapping Services
Category: Construction / Engineering
Status: Awarded
Bid Recipient: Tom Lundeen



 RFQ #2016-04

DATE: August 28, 2016

“The Offeror”  


 The “District” or “PPB”
Port of Palm Beach District

Maritime Office Complex

One East 11th Street, Suite 600

Riviera Beach, FL 33404



“Professional Surveying and Mapping Services”

1.1              This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is issued with Florida Statues 287.055 Consultant’s Competitive Negotiation Act “CCNA”.  The purpose of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to solicit proposals to provide professional services to the Port of Palm Beach District for “Professional Surveying and Mapping Services”, on a task/work order basis.  This contract acquisition and award will not be based on price. Factors such as qualifications and experience of principals and staff, methodology, management technical support, experience and history of the firm will be considered.

1.2              The Board of Commissioners of the Port of Palm Beach District authorized staff to solicit proposals for qualified firms who have specific experience in providing “Professional Surveying and Mapping Services” within the State of Florida.  The Firm should also have experience or a sub-consultant with experience in bathymetric surveys.


The Offerors/Proposers will be asked to provide sufficient evidence to confirm a satisfactory performance record. Such information may include a statement of resources, the ability to comply with required or proposed delivery or performance schedule, a satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics, the necessary organization, experience, accounting and operation controls, and technical skills, and be otherwise qualified and eligible to receive an award under applicable laws and regulations.

The Offerors/Proposers should submit the following information.  Failure of Offerors to provide the required information is considered sufficient cause for rejection.


The Port of Palm Beach District will request proposals and issue work orders for Professional Surveying and Mapping Services and projects to be completed by Professional Surveyor and Mapper.  The projects that may be requested by the Port of Palm Beach include but are not limited to:

  1. Lease Boundary Surveys
  2. Legal Descriptions
  3. As-built Surveys
  4. Upland Topographic Surveys
  5. Bathymetric Surveys of Slips, Marginal Wharfs and Lake Worth Harbor/Inlet


2.1              “Offeror” refers to the Offeror under this Request for Qualifications with which the Port of Palm Beach District may enter into a professional services agreement to perform “Professional Surveying and Mapping Services” and it’s permitted successors and assign.

2.2              “Offeror” refers to those individual, corporation, partnership or agency that responds in writing to this Request for Qualification.

2.3              “District” or “PPB” is the Port of Palm Beach District- a Special Taxing District of the State of Florida, established under Chapter 7081, Law of Florida. The District is responsible for the RFQ.  The Executive Director shall address administrative matters regarding services.

2.4              “Contracting Party” refers to the Board of Port Commissioners, Port of Palm Beach District, who will enter into the resulting agreement. The Chairperson of the Board shall represent the Board of Port Commissioners and any directions of the Board must be considered and approved at a regular scheduled meeting of the Board of Port Commissioners.

The following words and expressions used in the negotiated agreement shall be construed as follows, except when it is clear from the context that another meaning is intended:                                                                                                                                                                        

a)      The words “Contract” or “Contract Documents” or “Agreement” to mean collectively these terms and conditions, the Scope of Services and all associated addenda and attachments, the Offeror’s Proposal, Professional Services Agreement and all other attachments hereto and all amendments issued hereto.

b)      The words “Contract Date” to mean the date on which the Professional Services Agreement is effective.

c)      The words “Days” to mean Calendar Days.

d)     The word “directed”, “required”, “permitted”, “ordered”, “designated”, “selected”, “prescribed” or words like import to mean respectively, the direction, requirement, permission, order, designation, selection or prescription of the Project Manager; and similarly the words “approved”, “acceptable”, “satisfactory”, “equal”, “necessary”, or words like import to mean respectively, approved by, or acceptable or satisfactory to, equal or necessary in the opinion of the Project Manager.

e)      The words “Charge Order” or “Extra Work” or “Additional Work” resulting in additions or deletions or modifications to the amount, type or value of the Work and Services as required in this Contract, as directed and/or approved by the District.

f)       The word “sub-contractor”, “sub-consultant” to mean any person, entity, firm or corporation, other than the employees of the Offeror, who furnishes labor and/or materials, in connection with the Work, whether directly or indirectly, on behalf and/or under the direction of the Offeror and whether or not in privity of Contract with the Offeror.

g)      The words “Work”, “Services”, “Program”, or “Project” to mean all matters and things required to be done by the Offeror in accordance with the provisions of this Contract.

2.5              “General Counsel of the District” refers to Gary, Dytrych & Ryan whose address is: 701 U.S. One, North Palm Beach, Florida 33408.

2.6              “District Program Manager” or “District Project Manager” refers to the Port Engineer of the Port of Palm Beach to administer the agreement.

2.7              “Contract Term” refers to the remainder of Fiscal Year 2016 to 2021. The District shall have the right to terminate the contract term at any time with ninety (90) days written notice.

2.8              The “Agreement” will be the document prepared by the District’s Legal Counsel, Gary, Dytrych & Ryan, and entered into by the District and the successful Offeror.

2.9              “Professional Surveying and Mapping Services” refers to the needs set forth in Section 1.3 STATEMENT OF NEED in this Request for Proposals.

2.10          “SBE” or “MWBE” firms pre-qualified with Palm Beach County or the State of Florida in all categories required for the proposed scope of services identified by the Offeror. The District desires qualified consultants to have a minimum of twelve percent (12%) SBE/MWBE participation for professional firms and contracts. Qualified SBE/MWBE firms must be registered with Palm Beach County or the State of Florida as an SBE certified firms. Evidence of certification must be submitted in the submission to qualify for consideration under this provision.

Publication Date/Time:
8/28/2016 8:30 AM
Closing Date/Time:
Open Until Contracted
Contact Person:
Carl Baker
Business Hours:
08:30 - 05:30
Fax Number:
The District, through its Engineering Department, is soliciting proposals from qualified firms with a minimum of at least five (5) years experience and expertise in providing “Proessional Surveying and Mapping Services” within the State of Florida. The Firm should also have experience or a sub-consultant with experience in bathymetric surveys.
The Offeror must possess the following qualifications:
Must have Occupational Business License.
Must have a Professional Surveying and Mapping license registered in the State of Florida on their local staff.
Must have a Professional Land Surveyor registered in the State of Florida with bathymetric surveys on their local staff or as a local sub-consultant.

The purpose of this REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS is to select a qualified consulting firm that can provide a team with resources capable of providing the services described in Section 1.3 STATEMENT OF NEED of this Request for Proposals.

The Scope of Services may be changed or modified during the negotiation phase of the project or task in order to meet the needs of the District and the “Offeror”

Special Requirements:

The District is accepting proposals from qualified professional services firms (“The Offerors”) for “Professional Surveying and Mapping Services” for the Port of Palm Beach District.

Selection and acquisition of these professional services are solely governed by the procurement policies and procedures approved by the Board of Port Commissioners of the Port of Palm Beach District. Any inquiry, question, or challenge to the District procurement policies and procedures shall be made in writing to the Executive Director of the Port of Palm Beach District and the General Legal Counsel of the District. All interpretation and resolutions of conflict of these policies and procedures shall be at the sole discretion of the Board of Port Commissioners.

No proposal received after the specified time and date will be accepted. The time and date for receipt of proposals will be scrupulously observed. The District will not be responsible for late deliveries or mail delays. The time/date stamp located at the District’s Reception Area on the 6th floor of the Maritime Office Complex Building located at One East 11th St, Riviera Beach, Fl 33404, will be the official authority for determining late proposals.

Seven (7) copies of all responses shall be submitted to the District.

The Port of Palm Beach District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals.

The Board of Port Commissioners of the Port of Palm Beach shall accept the qualifications and presentation that best serves the interests of the Port of Palm Beach District.


Submission: Respondents are required to submit the following information:
Qualifications. Provide brief description of essential experience, indicating how this experience will benefit the District. Submit names and qualification of personnel proposed to be involved in the project, including the lead client services manager. NOTE: Respondents are requested to advise the District of any other client(s) that may represent a possible conflict.
Narrative. Include a written narrative which demonstrates the firms understanding of the scope of services and states why the firm is best qualified to perform the required services.
Approach to Assignment. Include a description of the intended approach for the Scope of Services described in the Section 1.3 STATEMENT OF NEED. Discuss how the services performed will not interfere with the District’s ability to complete the projects in a timely manner. Identify those records and services required to be furnished by the District to perform the scope of services
References and Past Performance. Provide contact names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of three (3) references for similar work within the past five (5) years. Additionally, include a description of past performance in similar activities in Florida (Port and Marine Terminals preferred). List of projects should include the following:

Project Title

Client (Contact person, address, phone number and e-mail address).

Nature of Work.
SBE/MWBE Participation. Describe your approach to help the District achieve its SBE/MWBE participation either through subcontracting or description of Firms policy relating to equal opportunity and affirmative action programs. Submissions shall be limited to ten (10) pages (excluding cover sheet and table of contents). Brochures and other promotional materials may be submitted with the submission; however, this material must be under separate cover from the submission requirements.


The Port of Palm Beach District is located in Palm Beach County, Florida and covers a land area of 971 square miles, which represents about 50 percent of the County’s land area. Incorporated municipalities lying wholly or partially within the District include West Palm Beach. Palm Beach, Lake Park, Riviera Beach, Belle Glade, Pahokee, Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, South Bay, Golfview, Haverhill, Mangonia Park, Palm Beach Shores and Royal Palm Beach. The Port is located in Florida’s Atlantic Coast in the northeastern area of Palm Beach County. Access to the Atlantic Ocean is via the Lake Worth Inlet, a designated Federal channel with a maintained depth of minus 33 feet MLW.

The Port is an important component of Florida’s network of 14 deepwater ports, particularly the trio of South Florida Ports including the Port of Miami and Port Everglades in Broward County. The Port of Palm Beach, with its containerized cargo, general cargo, liquid and dry bulk cargoes and cruise operations, is one of the most diversified ports in the United States.

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