Summer Internship Program

Since 2012, the Port of Palm Beach Board of Commissioners has approved a Summer Intern Program.

The highly-competitive program gives students an opportunity to be exposed to a real-life work experience while also learning about the maritime industry.

The selection process begins in the spring, and the six-week program begins in June.

Internships will introduce you to potential future work environments, and you will be able to decide whether these meet your career wishes and interests. You can also acquire important supplementary skills during an internship and make contact with potential future employers.

An internship will make it easier for you to find work and get off to a good start in your career. In many sectors, successful job applicants now need to demonstrate that they have already completed an internship. Internships represent a cross-over point between university and career, and will not only help you in your career, but also in planning your studies.

The experience you gain during an internship will indicate how you should structure your future studies, particularly when it comes to deciding what aspects you should focus on. An internship and your study focus will thus help you establish your individual career profile.

We look forward to working with you and teaching you various areas in Public Relations, Administration, Accounting & Finance, Security as well as gaining experience from the Port's contractors.

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