Incident Reporting
In case of emergency, dial 911 then call Port Security at 561-383-4144.
Please use our online form to report a non-emergency incident.

Emergency Alerts
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Port Policies
Many areas of the Port are considered controlled and/or restricted areas and are posted as such. In these areas you must comply with the following requirements from the Marine Transportation Security Act (MTSA):

  • Individuals and vehicles entering these areas are subject to search at any time. Visitors must be escorted at all time within the restricted area.
  • All persons must properly display, in a visible manner, port identification or visitor badge.
  • No firearms are permitted on the port except those carried by law enforcement officials.
  • No fishing is allowed within the port, except by crewmembers on the outboard side of the ship.
  • The posted speed limit on the port is 15 mph.
  • The Port Charter, Tariff, Facility Security Plan, and Policies of the Executive Director are the controlling documents of port regulations.
  • No entry will be permitted after hours within the cargo area, unless written approval and authorization has been provided to security by the vessel agent.
  • Traffic enforcement for speeding, parking, and traffic signals / signage will be enforced by Riviera Beach Police Department for issuance of citations.

The Port of Palm Beach Executive Director and Director of Seaport Security reserve the right to revoke access to any individual, with or without cause, to ensure the safety and security of the seaport.

Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC)
For TWIC enrollment appointment scheduling call 855-347-8371 or visit their website.